Month: February 2018

The Educalme Blog and Podcast

TBE #005: The Morning Rootine Experiment

In this episode, we’re talking about experimenting with creating a morning rootine. We’re discussing how we start our days from a place of joy by creating a morning rootine – yes, ROOTing in the awesome emotions we want to have, first thing in the morning! Kailey, the science gal, explains the brain science behind the…
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TBE #004: The Slowing Down Experiment

In this episode, we’re experimenting with slowing down. We talk about what we mean by slowing down, it’s not necessarily slowing down in time, but really taking in the present moment, for example, actually smelling our coffees in the morning. We discuss how we slowed down as teachers in our classrooms and how it benefited…
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TBE #003: The Fill Your Cup First Experiment

In this episode, we’re talking about the fill your cup first experiment. We bring up the guilt that we felt at the beginning when we started prioritizing self-care, and how we overcame that feeling with time. It’s a work in progress! We compare how being a teacher (or a parent!) is like being an apple…
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TBE #002: Educalme’s Story

Today on The Balanced Educator Podcast, we’re sharing why we decided to leave our classrooms and support other educators by creating mindfulness curriculum for the classroom. We talk about some of the practices we implemented in our own lives and then in our classrooms. We discuss the transformations we saw in our students and why…
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TBE #001: Welcome to The Balanced Educator Podcast – Meet Your Hosts!

Today on The Balanced Educator Podcast, we’re sharing our story and what brought us to starting Educalme. We talk about the struggles we faced early in our careers as educators and what we learned from them. We discuss how our drive to be amazing teachers and our perfectionism led us to feeling overwhelmed and burned…
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